Curing poor I-sight

Lasik eye surgery in 1997 corrected my inherited nearsightedness, but according to Max Lucado, there is another malady affecting people’s vision today. It’s not a problem with natural eyesight but with “I-sight”—one’s view and perception of him or herself. The two extreme lenses through which we humans sometimes view ourselves are self-loving and self-loathing. We … Continue reading Curing poor I-sight

Don’t consult your greed

Epic. Strategic. Helpful. Wise. Max Lucado’s chapter “Don’t consult your greed” contains some of the best life advice that we could ever receive! Here’s his punch line: when attempting to identify your ‘sweet spot’ don’t consult your greed. The God-ordained niche for your life will be outrageously significant; however, it probably won’t satisfy every greedy … Continue reading Don’t consult your greed