When Storms Speak

My latest book, a 365-day devotional called When Storms Speak, is available now on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions. Here is the description from the back cover:

The floods have lifted up, O LORD, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their roaring.” Psalm 93:3

As you have no doubt noticed in your journey through life, storms talk to us. When disappointing or tragic waves of life crash into us, they speak to us, sometimes shouting, sometimes whispering. They challenge our hope, mock our faith, and try to convince or threaten us into giving up.

Jesus told us these storms would come. He said they are inevitable, even for lives built solidly on Him. This devotional will help you talk back to them.

Whether you are facing something fierce and threatening or merely daily and mundane, these readings will help you connect those things to the unshakable hope and reality of God. Through reflections, Scriptural insights, and encouragement, these daily entries will help you find the strength and the breath to carry on and overcome.

Your anchors in God will hold. Your hope in His promises has not been a fool’s quest. Hold steady and you will see storms subside, clouds part, and sunlight breaking through again.

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