2-Minute Messages

Welcome to my library of 2-minute video messages.

I hope these short messages encourage you and add helpful insights and perspectives as you live the life you were created to live!

The titles are listed beginning with the most recently recorded.


Love wins

What to do…today and tomorrow

Slapped Silly

Never Procrastinate Your Non-Negotiables

Tragedy and Monotony: Two Killers

Your Victor’s Crown–What Is It?

You are NOT irrelevant as you age

Are we actually protected?

Which you is the real you?

Your personality deficiencies

How worship solves our mysteries

Giving up or giving over

How do you lead with a broken heart?

Better by association

A strange melancholy

The watertight person

The majestic (can you see it?)

Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (and why you need it)

Don’t let your unanswered prayers swallow up your answered prayers)

Plausible deniability

Read the book of Ruth

Six seconds that are changing my life

Let go–they’re His!

Praying with Sri Lanka…we can’t get weary of these prayers

Everyone is an idiot but me!

You have what it takes

Suicide watch

3 1/2 years from now

Beauty and poetry are essential


Stay close to your freedom

How to continue carrying heavy burdens

The radical middle, a 3rd way

Very truly yours

Power and authority

Life from the sidelines

Don’t slough off compliments

Created not born

When storms speak

Spitting on the shame

Smelling like smoke

Check on your loved ones (response to recent tragedies)

Childlike audacity

Losing versus surrendering

The iron man suit

Prayer is much (from Laguna Beach)

The serenity prayer


Smile more!

A formula for our times

Comedy or tragedy–how should we now live

The psalms of Asaph (until)

The radical choice

The God of midnight jailbreaks

The peak to peak principle


Re-steeped (from Africa)

Narcissus and Nympha

Appetite, sex scandals–Esau versus Jesus

Halloween thought

Rejection’s not always a rejection

Everything is weird after forty days

Love dies

How to be inspiring

Faith or doubt (or both)?

But I have prayed for you

Things to do at midnight

Hope floats

Atomic powered prayer: kingdom come

Your anchors will hold

Rescuing our prayer times

Love 250x stronger

Processing the really awful parts of the Bible

Getting unoffended

Why pain is a necessity

So weary of the storm

Thoughts on all the “privilege” talk

Forty-frickin’ five!


The night shift

Overlaid and indwelt


Peter, Malchus’ ear, and you

It gets easier

Hearts full of wisdom

Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston, and God

Your animating force


Escaping the valley of weeping

One way the impossible becomes possible

Catch love, everything else follows


God’s voice and your chaos

Prayer is more than worrying out loud

The power of Puritan prayers

A word for graduates (that includes YOU)

Your enemies and your persecutors

Christianity is actually easy

The Call Azusa–post script

Why you and I MUST work out

Our bingeing world

The inferior familiar or the superior unknown?

Wrung out

No more cheesy Christianity

Sacrificing so much for so little

When you forget your identity

Big enough to be hurt

Apology to people who have been hurt in the church

How media is making us live too much in the future

The thorns and thistles in your job

It is I, but it is not I

The best part of prayer (that we probably aren’t doing)

Erosion v. earthquakes

Disembodied words are often haunted

The ugly side of your testimony

Why you SHOULD pray (for patience)

Staying desperate when you’re not desperate

Open letters

The upward call

Why you MUST receive compliments

Needing and feeling the right needs and feelings

When your shirt and pants don’t match

If God was the color blue

Margin–your best, most elusive, friend

What predictive text is teaching me

Asking great things of a great God

The Happy Warrior

Countering the comfort culture

The three imponderables

Retaining imagination for your future

Already in your tomorrow

What your constant crises might mean–the flipside

What your constant crises might mean

Where hunger takes us

Life is found in moving waters

Your destiny is watching you

Take no solace in sin

Surviving your deepest hurts

KLU (keep looking up!)

Weird family dynamics–the big conversation

Weird family dynamics–unmet expectations

Weird family dynamics–toxic relationships

Weird family dynamics–passive aggression

Weird family dynamics–part 1

Your silver bullet

Kiss me, I’m Irish

Deepest valleys or highest mountains

3 messages in 2 minutes

True love

The incredible power of humor

A prayer for raising daughters

Mystery beyond answers

When the high road hurts

David didn’t kill Goliath

Furious with the X-Factor

Things that fill you things that drain you

Deeper magic from before the dawn of time

Brilliant but broken

Bill Cosby

The most popular dangerous spiritual myth

How often should we re-start a broken vow?

How Jesus speaks to you

Popping the balloon

How to live in our scary world

Some things need to be complex

Words within your words

Today’s problems will get resolved

Modern day monks

Restoring the middle voice

The art of non-engagement

Seeing what you’re really seeing

Leaning while you’re limping

The giver is the same as the goer

The church: a perpetually defeated thing

The big life in the small life

Immortal until our work is done

Full speed upside down

Psalm 20

Doing what you can’t do

From Minehaha in Spokane

From Amber and Maddie

Not perfect on purpose

When all you can do is wait

Not fumbling the baton

Our fundamental issue with God

Fasting, part 3

Fasting, part 2

Fasting, part 1

All those sinners in your life

Just for fun 🙂

What’s your scent?

Are you being “pruned”?

Bad Christianity is VERY bad

Dreams versus contentment

Earthworms rising


Water, blood, cedar, birds–wow!

The extraordinary ordinary

Posting selfies

True greatness

Healing versus help

Does God get annoyed with our issues?

What does coffee taste like?

We’ve been destined for problems??

Picking our own pockets?

Buddhist goals revisited

Encore miracles

Winning while you lose

Why Christians are sometimes better than non-Christians


When you can’t do it all

Spiritual warfare is real

Making God visible

Your 60-second transformation

Your life really DOES count

Dancing with doubt

Bad news babes

Dreams versus fantasies