Dreams versus contentment

???????Are you happy with your ministry today, or are you pining for what it could be like tomorrow? Are you content with this leg of your journey, or are you desperate to reach the mountain’s summit?

Sometimes the tension between dreams and contentment can be pretty severe.

The Bible clearly tells us that Christianity possesses an unending, internal push for a brighter tomorrow. We, followers of Jesus Christ, are to be increasingly transformed into His image, character, and nature. Additionally, we, ministers, are carrying a piece of God’s global dream to reach the entire world with His love, grace, peace, and life.

And yet somehow amid the push to grow and reach and become something better tomorrow, we’re also told to be gratefully content with where we are today. How is that possible?

Fortunately, the inspiring Zechariah 4 interaction helps us. In this passage God has promised his man, Zerubbabel, that by God’s grace, power, and might the temple of Jerusalem would be restored after decades of ruin and desolation. However, in the very same breath, God goes on to say, “Who dares despise the day of small things?”

God informs Zerubbabel that He is just as excited for the commencement of a project as He is for its completion.

God isn’t anxiously waiting for you to apprehend all of His dreams for your life. He’s excited that you’ve begun moving toward them.

In God’s eyes you won’t be more successful or admirable once your dreams come true—He’s enjoying the journey with you. We need to be vigilant in remembering that so we can do the same.

Let’s not miss one glorious moment of this journey with our Lord in our rush to get to the top of our mountain.

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