God is a consuming fire–is that a good thing?

Every Californian knows that we have a fifth season in our state: fire season. Our nearly non-existent rainfall and our protracted stretches of hot weather turn certain parts of our state into a veritable tinderbox that almost always ignites. Some years the fires cause scattered evacuations but little actual damage, and other years, like our … Continue reading God is a consuming fire–is that a good thing?


This essay was taken in entirety from a prayer devotional that our high school pastor, Steven Draeger, wrote for our students for their time this week at camp. It is beautiful, and I hope it speaks to your heart as it will no doubt speak to theirs. Know you are loved! You are God’s beloved. … Continue reading Loved

Christian Hedonism (it’s a good thing)

The Westminster Shorter Catechism (a summary of Christian beliefs from England in the 1600s) describes the ultimate purpose of mankind this way: “The chief end of man (men/women) is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” That’s a pretty remarkable statement. Our ultimate end/purpose is to enjoy God forever. I’ve known a lot of Christians … Continue reading Christian Hedonism (it’s a good thing)