Naked Verbs

Sometimes verbs are more powerful without all of their accompanying grammatical clothing. Consider these naked verbs from the 147th psalm. In describing God's activities in their most stripped down forms, the psalmist says that God: Builds up Gathers Heals (the brokenhearted) Binds up (wounds) Determines Calls (by name) Sustains Casts down (wickedness) Covers Supplies Provides … Continue reading Naked Verbs

What is deeper than our nine deepest needs?

Sociologists and anthropologists have identified nine fundamental human needs. They are, in order: subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity, and freedom. The order is important. When people are starving they don’t care about the other eight needs until their deep hunger is met. Once hunger is met; however, protection then moves to the top of … Continue reading What is deeper than our nine deepest needs?