Sticks and stones

“What’s in your hand?”David&Goliath

God loves this question. When He first appeared to Moses from a burning bush He asked him, “What is in your hand?”

Moses replied, “A staff.”

That was enough for God. For the rest of the story Moses’ staff released plagues over Egypt, parted the Red Sea, scared water out of a rock in the desert, and led Israel to victory in their first battle against Amalek.

Whatever is in your hand is enough for God.

It’s important to remember this because in our ministry endeavors the need is almost always greater than our current resources. We never have enough time, money, or talent to accomplish all of the things God wants to get done, and our enemies usually look as tall as Goliath.

When David faced Goliath in the valley all he held was a shepherd’s sling, but it turned out to be everything he needed. Apparently, from God’s perspective, a shepherd’s sling is all it takes to crack the skulls of hairy giants.

What is in your hand? You can answer the question confidently, because whatever you hold is enough for God to use to work a miracle in and through your life.

Can you sing? Can you write? Can you listen? Can you care? Can you preach? Can you lead? Whatever your ability, it’s exactly what God’s been looking for to bless the world around you.

Sticks and stones are all He needs to topple kings and giants.


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