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a perfect 10

A Perfect 10: Masterful Marriages in Messy Contexts

Life has a way of altering the landscape of our dreams.

For most couples, the reality of married life is significantly different from the hopes and dreams of their newlywed years, and the canvas of their married life isn’t quite what they were expecting. Fortunately, works of art can be created on any surface.

The famed Mona Lisa is considered only a half-sized portrait, and Micro Artists routinely paint works of art on grains of rice. In the same way, masterful marriages can be crafted even amid messy contexts.

With a blend of compassion, biblical study, and practical wisdom, “a Perfect 10” will help you evaluate your context and begin sculpting a masterpiece there. Whether your relationship needs minor strengthening or major repair, this book will encourage you, strengthen you, and assist you in chasing down the marriage of your dreams.



“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“How long has it been since your last confession?”

“I was here this morning.”

“And you did something else this afternoon?”

“No, Father, but I’m about to.”

With these words a taut, fast-paced mystery commences that carries the reader down a tangled path of conspiracy, confession, and forgiveness.

As police track down a missing priest and search for answers about an experimental drug called Velorum, buried secrets surface to reveal that some hauntings can’t stay hidden beneath the weight of conscience.


YouRevealed_ChrisJackson_Front_CoverYou Revealed

You are the way you are because of why you are!

“There’s a reason why your heart feels deeply, stirs powerfully, and sometimes gets you into trouble. There’s a reason for your creativity, passion, and the other distinguishing marks of your generation. You are a David, one of God’s special ones, uniquely designed, gifted, and chosen for this moment in history.”
King David’s story provides a road map for those who long to walk with God and fulfill their destiny, and in You Revealed Pastor Chris Jackson invites you into that journey too. Packed with wisdom and insight, this book will help you experience God’s presence, become who you really are, and successfully navigate the dangerous intersections along the path to your destiny.

Praying through sorrows

Doubts, depression, and discouragement are characteristic responses of someone who has endured the worst life offers. When a promise from God does not come to pass, the aftermath is often confusion and emotional anguish. Through this book you will learn how to overcome the debilitating state of “hope deferred” while seeking a restoration of faith in God’s goodness. If you are suffering, this book is what you need!

Second in Command

Second in Command is written to strengthen people who serve in associate level leadership positions. For some, being the “right hand man” is a training ground for an eventual promotion into senior leadership, but for others it is a calling. Whether your leadership is in a church, business, or another context, Second in Command will help you navigate the unique challenges associated with being a high level leader who must still serve another leader.

Loving God When You Don’t Love the Church

What do you do when you can’t go back? When fellow church members have hurt you, it can seem as if you have nowhere to turn. Those who are supposed to bring you comfort are the ones who brought you pain. Whether it’s a pastor that has wounded you or someone in the pew, it can be hard to heal. Pastor Chris Jackson is honest about his own failings as well as those of the Church at large. In Loving God When You Don’t Love the Church, he opens up the path to healing and helps restore the wonder of a genuine relationship with Jesus and His church. With humility, compassion and practical advice for healing and restoration, this book will touch both those who have been hurt by the church, and those who love them.

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