What is your most productive decade?

A 2018 study from the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that the top three most potentially productive decades in a person’s life are as follows:

1st: 60-70

2nd: 70-80

3rd: 50-60

The study also cited the average age of Nobel prize winners (62), CEOs of Fortune 500 companies (63), pastors of the 100 biggest churches in America (71), and popes (76) as evidence that our greatest contributions in life can actually come later in life.

Assuming we make quality decisions and guard our integrity today, our best days are still in front of us!

We don’t have to be amazing at 20. We don’t have to peak at 30. And when we look up from our busy lives and see our youth receding in the rearview mirror, we are just getting started making a difference in our world.

Know you are needed, and you are loved!

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