Comedy or tragedy–how should we now live?

In recent decades a popular, thought-provoking question has pierced our culture’s consciousness: “How now shall we live?” That question has been used as a title for multiple books and worldview documentaries, and it is fantastic. Any time we consider the circumstances in our world, it is good for us to ask the question: In light of these things, how should we now live?

Consider your life. If your life ended today, what genre of storytelling would it fall into? Would it be a tragedy or a comedy? Your story is not over and there is much for you in your future, but at this present moment, your story would qualify as either happy or tragic (or more likely a combination of both). But whether this moment in your story is filled with romance, laughter, or tragedy, how should you live in it?

What does it look like to live valiantly and nobly in our moment in history, be it tragic, comedic, romantic, or blasé? Since the story is far from over, it is essential that we answer the question honestly and then begin living in the direction that we want our story to go. There are many ways to do this but for starters, we can answer the question by living courageously in the present moment. We can cling to God’s hope, rejecting any whiff of fear or intimidation. We can remember that every great epic has both tragic and comedic moments along the way, and perhaps this memory and determination will empower us to keep going until the tragic turns epic because it will.

Teach us to number out days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

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