Very truly yours

In Winston Churchill’s The Second World War he disclosed numerous correspondences between himself and President Roosevelt, and in nearly all of his letters to the president Churchill concluded with the valediction, “I remain very truly yours, Winston Churchill.” Consider that phrase for a moment: I remain very truly yours.

That is powerful language! There is a sense of gallantry, honor, and commitment attached to those words. There is something in the human soul that is strengthened and reinforced by an oath to remain. I remain very truly yours.  

When someone says those words to us—I remain yours; I am still your friend; I am still on your side; I still have your back—it floods our heart with security and confidence. We are not alone. We still have allies. We are going to make it.

There is great power in being a person that can carry and fulfill a vow. And the world needs more of those people. So, where in your life today are you saying those words? Where have you pledged your loyalty? To whom have you sworn to remain true?

Let us be so committed to our promises that when we close correspondence with the words, “I remain very truly yours” the recipient of our letter is not surprised. Let’s live lives that reinforce and validate our vows.

Let’s be “I remain” people. “I remain” people strengthen quaking hearts. They bring oxygen to the souls of those who are living through tough times. And they evoke and inject a sense of destiny and purpose into the world around them.

 “I remain confident of this. I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13)

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