how worship solves our mysteries

Throughout the generations, a consistent form of human entertainment has been the solving of complicated puzzles. Whether it is an old school, 1,000-piece puzzle in a box, a Rubik’s cube, or word puzzle games on our phones, the challenge to solve baffling puzzles fascinates.

It is far less fascinating, however, to encounter riddles or mysteries with our lives. So often in life, we run up against problems or situations that require insight, clarity, or wisdom, and when we don’t have those things it can be baffling. It is fun to sort out a problem in a game on our phone, but when it comes to the people we love most or the big, weighty decisions that must be made, we don’t want to wrestle with fearful enigmas or uncertain outcomes—we want to know what to do.

Fortunately, there is a powerful, little verse in Psalm 49:4 that can help us. It says, “I will solve my riddle (my mystery, my enigma, my puzzle) to the music of the lyre.”

What a great and true concept! “The music of the lyre” was an ancient reference to worship music, so this psalmist was saying in essence, “Worship is my portal to unraveling mysteries. Indeed, I will worship my way to an understanding.”

Clarity comes to us when we worship. When we move our focus off of our enigmas and re-center it onto the Spirit of God, riddles get solved, mysteries become clear.

This doesn’t always happen immediately of course. We usually don’t sing one worship song and then have all of our big questions instantly answered for us. But when we live worshipful lives—when we consistently plant ourselves in the presence of God—our riddles do get resolved. The answers that keep eluding us do eventually appear.

If that is where you are today—facing a riddle, an enigma, or a crisis—maybe part of your strategy should be worship. Station yourself in God’s presence, shift your gaze toward Him like the angels in heaven do, and see if your clouds will part and your answer will come to you.

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