Quick update about my blog postings and a short-term daily devotional

Hi, my friends! I hope that you are doing okay amid this current international crisis. For the next couple of months, while we wait out this coronavirus, I am going to post a daily devotional on this site (a short, daily essay that will help connect us to God’s presence, perspective, and purpose in our lives at this time).

I am giving you a heads up because I wanted to explain why you might feel inundated with postings from me. I won’t do it indefinitely, just for the next couple of months. These short postings will take just three or four minutes to read and I hope they will strengthen and reinforce your faith, love, and hope.

Additionally, if you are interested, my church (along with nearly every other church today) has moved our teaching online. If you would like to check it out, here is a link from my church’s website that will take you to all of our social media channels: click here. Our Sunday morning virtual worship services include about three stripped-down worship songs from our worship team, followed by my message.

That’s it. God bless you. Let’s pray for each other, our communities, and our world.

Know you are loved!

Chris Jackson

4 thoughts on “Quick update about my blog postings and a short-term daily devotional

  1. It is a strange thing we do – last Sunday I “went” to church via the internet to 6 or 7 churches I have attended since 1970 until today and thought of the friends we have accumulated over those 50 years, many of whom are still friends via Facebook. So many adventures, so many trials, tribulations, and successes together. And now we sit at home grateful for the technology that lets us keep on being church and face timing with friends and family. A new and different experience for sure. So, keep on posting, and we will keep on reading and watching.

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