Veteran’s Day love and appeal

Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone!

Like you, I am thankfully and prayerfully remembering our military veterans and our active duty service men and women today. My dad was a veteran from the Vietnam war and he instilled in my family and me a deep respect and appreciation for the military community that gallantly serves and protects us.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I want to ask if you would check out this brief video from my friend Bill Ostan.

Bill is an army JAG and major who was exposed to environmental toxins on a combat deployment that required him to be recently medically retired from the Army after 12 years in service. Through a tragic cycle of mishandled management and responsibility, Bill was never given the appropriate medical care to help him through his life-altering diagnosis. Unfortunately, painful, traumatic experiences like this have been shared by far too many wounded warriors today, so Bill and his wife Jen have launched a non-profit organization called Arc of Justice with the goal of advocating for these wounded warriors who are facing similar challenges.

Please check out their video and then follow links to the Arc of Justice website to sign their petition, possibly donate to their campaign, and spread awareness. In addition to expressing our love and prayer support to our military communities, let’s also take a step to advocate for their practical care and support.

Arc of Justice website


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