The Happy Warrior

Are you a Happy Warrior? After all that you have experienced in your personal and professional life, and amid the fears and uncertainties of our present world, is there still music in your heart and fire in your bones as you engage in your calling and vocation?

In John 14, Jesus modeled the heart and language of a Happy Warrior. He stood in the intersection of betrayal, pain, and loss, and spoke to His followers: “Do not let your hearts be troubled…do not be afraid.” He stared in the face of spiritual warfare and cheerfully declared, “The prince of this world is coming. He has no hold over me.”

It is always easy to despair. Chicken Little alarmists and pessimistic Eeyores abound today, and to be sure, there are good reasons for both alarm and pessimism. But that was never Jesus’ ethos. He gloried in the struggle and found joy as He embraced the cross. He was a Happy Warrior, convinced that death would be defeated and love would win the day.

Let’s follow Jesus’ lead. He has great faith for our loved ones, our personal lives, and for the world around us. He has never once lost heart, and the closer we walk beside Him the more His great, courageous heart will fill up ours.

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