What was Lucy’s potion made of?

In C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Pevensie children receive gifts from Father Christmas in Narnia: Peter gets a sword and shield, Susan gets a bow, arrows, and a horn that summons help whenever it is blown, and Lucy gets a dagger and a small, diamond vial filled with a powerful, curative potion.

Do you remember her potion? Just a drop or two from her little vial could cure even near-fatal wounds. Once, when the warrior-mouse, Reepicheep, had been squished, de-tailed, and nearly killed in battle, a few drops of Lucy’s precious potion healed him.

What was in the potion? Although Father Christmas told Lucy that the magic liquid was made from the “juice of the fire flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun”, I wonder what Lewis’ deeper concept was. Remember, The Chronicles of Narnia was an allegory of the Christian faith, so I wonder what the magic potion was illustrating?

I think the Scriptures answer this question. In Psalm 56:8, King David wrote, “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book” (NLT). Apparently, tears are precious in God’s eyes—so much so that He keeps track of them, and stores them in a special bottle.

And haven’t you noticed that tears have a curious way of becoming ministry? Consider your life. It is in the areas of your deepest hurts that the deepest currents of compassion flow. It is in the areas of your own trauma or injustice that you now advocate for the health, healing, and liberation of others.

That’s the Gospel. That’s the cross. It gathers up our deepest hurts, gently heals and restores them, and then ultimately transforms them into hope and healing for our world. Let’s keep crying. Let’s keep feeling. And then let’s carry on as God’s healing agents in the world around us.

Know you are loved!

One thought on “What was Lucy’s potion made of?

  1. Thank you for this post. I wanted to put it on my fb, but there isn’t a place to click on ‘share’. This ministered to me – just read it today, 9/21.

    My husband, Ken, went home to be with our Lord on 9/15, and there are many tears. So it was comforting to read this. Hope God has a huge container for my tears. However, I am also joyful and at peace that he is ‘home’ – no cancer in heaven.

    I was never sure if he was ‘saved’. One day yes, then one day no. Shortly before he died, I was able to lead him in the ‘sinner’s prayer’ and he repeated it line for line. A day or two after that he asked me, “what are those five things to go to heaven?” I answered him, then asked him if Jesus was his Lord. And he said ‘yes’……..thank you Holy Spirit!

    I appreciate you Pastor Chris.

    Donna Cairns

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