3 thoughts on “2-Minute Message: UNFAILING Love

  1. Unfailing love, I have to share a story that you reminded me of. I was at mile 8 of the LA Marathon with 6, 13 year old girls.  Our mission was to finish the 26 miles together.  One of the girls had a panic attack, she did not like crowds.  (now is a good time to tell me)  The girls parents were stationed along the route.  We came up to a set of parents, (not her parents) and they saw the anguish in her face.  They encouraged her to stop, give up it would be alright.  As we went on without her, my heart tugged.  “Unfailing love”, I could not leave her behind.  About 1 mile ahead, I said to my daughter and another one of the girls I have to go back.  They agreed and came back with me.    I will never forget the look on her face when we said, we came back for you.  Lets get going, we have to catch the other girls.  After really struggling to make up the time, we joined the other girls at mile 22 and we finished the race together.  And when that girl saw her parents and grandparents at mile 23, she was so proud.  I’m not sure she ever told her parents the story. I’m not sure why I shared this story with you, other than your 2-minute messages are important.  They help us remember those moments when Jesus is and was truly present. 

    Many blessings, Tracie

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  2. Love this Chris. Hard for most people to even begin to grasp what unfailing love looks like. They are not as blessed as we are to have so many who love us, and who we love in return, so deeply. I pray that through stories of God’s unfailing love, and the examples of believers around them, that they see what it looks like and really long for that assurance of the Father’s love! Love to you and your girls! Laurie

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