Your top three words

legacyThree words can sure say a lot. Especially if they are clarifying words that follow a comma. Examples:

“She is my mother, an amazing lady.”

“It’s my hometown, glad I left.”

“They’re serving Thai food, my favorite kind.”

A simple post-comma, three-word supplement can change the entire emphasis of a sentence. Consider the list of Jesus’ original twelve apostles as found in the third chapter of the Gospel of Mark. The final name on the list belongs to Judas, and in verse 19 it reads this way: “Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him.

It’s not just Judas. Nor is it just Judas Iscariot. It is Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Him.

That was his legacy. Those three supplemental words describe how Judas Iscariot will be remembered all throughout human history. He was the one who betrayed Jesus.

While we are still living we have a chance to answer the comma and determine what gets written after it. Someday our parenting will be described after a comma. So will our relationships and our ministries and the way we’ve lived our lives.

Let’s determine in advance what gets written there. It could read like the Apostle Judas’ or it could read like the Apostle John’s. Of John, the Bible says, “One of them, whom Jesus loved, was there…” (John 13:23 ESV)

If there is still breath in our lungs there is time to alter what comes after the comma. If you regret the words that are following you, it’s not too late to become a writer, and craft a different ending with your life.

YOU are the one whom Jesus loved.

5 thoughts on “Your top three words

  1. Wow Chris .. made my mind jump to my dad after his recent death and what I’d plug after his name (all of those thoughts were positive by the way). I was then struck by wonder as to what others would plug in after my name on my demise. Will obviously have to collect that bit of info post mortem.
    Amazing how you are a non stop source of analogies and inspiration. So grateful for you brother.

  2. First off, I want to say how I was blessed and fed by your sermon on Sunday. Awesome words. As are these words. I would want someone to say, “Fuchsia, the one who loved her Jesus.”

    We are representatives of Christ. What is read of us? Thank you

  3. I love when John says “Let’s determine in advance what gets . . .”. In advance of what gets said, written, prayed for, communicated through our looks, our actions, our tone of voice, through our silence, through our boldness, etc. . . It all has to do with us being silent before any action and asking the Spirit to guide our hearts, minds and tongue. Thanks Chris!

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