How important is the final glimpse?

jesus statueThe final glimpse stays with us doesn’t it?

Whether it’s the sight of our Kindergartener boarding the school bus for the first time, a departing friend waving goodbye, or the final moments of a death-bed conversation, the final glimpse of a loved one can embed itself in to our psyche. When a final glimpse is peaceful or positive its memory can soothe our broken heart, but when it is harsh or disjointed it can traumatize our soul.

I know people who have been haunted for years by regretful conversations and bitter last words. Indeed, our final encounters will often stain the memories that preceded them, either memorializing the good or destroying it.

Have you ever thought about Jesus’ final pose?

In Luke 24:50-51 it says: “When He had led them out of the vicinity of Bethany, He lifted up His hands and blessed them. While He was blessing them, He left them and was taken up into heaven.”

Isn’t that awesome?! “While He was blessing them, He left them.” The final glimpse of Jesus on earth before His return to the Father in heaven was a glimpse of blessing. His hands were extended, His face was bright with love, and His blessing was settling over His worshippers.

Regardless of the other “final glimpses” you carry, I hope this picture of Jesus stays fixed in your soul. It is not a picture of exasperation, frustration, or disappointment; it is a glimpse of confidence and everlasting love.

One thought on “How important is the final glimpse?

  1. My final glimpse of John in February was very much like this. Full of joy, in the midst of pain. Full of hope, when it appeared “hopeless”. He blessed us as we left his presence, and we know we will see him again! About to face another final glimpse of a family member in the next few days. Only God knows.

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