3 Sacred texts: Your Bible, your calendar, and your checkbook

checkbook-calendar“Show me your calendar and your checkbook and I will predict your future levels of success.” Those were the opening words of a pastors’ conference, spoken by a gentlemen who was responsible for the oversight of thousands of ministers worldwide.

After the Bible, he said, the most sacred documents in a person’s life are his or her calendar and checkbook.

Do you agree with that thought? Do you agree that today’s investment of time and resource will determine the trajectory of your future?

  • World-class grandparents become so by scheduling time to connect with their grandchildren.
  • Phenomenal spouses spend the time and money to romance their sweetheart.
  • True women and men of God invest in the practices that bring them regularly into contact with the presence of God.
  • Masterful lives do not happen by accident; they are the result of intentional planning and investment in the right areas.

Are we living that way? If the conference speaker perused our calendars and checkbooks would he predict futures of impact and significance, or mediocrity and triviality?

As the spring season approaches, let’s apply our spring-cleaning tendencies to our calendars and checkbooks. What should be written into those texts that isn’t? What is written there that shouldn’t be?

Let’s do the necessary cleansing and purging so that we can live the vita sine paenitentia (the life without regret).

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