New book coming soon :)

a perfect 10


From the back cover…

What is your Perfect 10?

Life has a way of altering the landscape of our dreams. For most couples, the reality of married life is significantly different from the hopes and dreams of their newlywed years, and the canvas of their married life isn’t quite what they were expecting.

Fortunately, works of art can be created on any surface.

The famed Mona Lisa is considered only a half-sized portrait, and Micro Artists routinely paint works of art on grains of rice. In the same way, masterful marriages can be crafted even amid messy contexts.

With a blend of compassion, biblical study, and practical wisdom, A Perfect 10 will help you evaluate your context and begin sculpting a masterpiece there.

Whether your relationship needs minor strengthening or major repair, this book will encourage you, strengthen you, and assist you in chasing down the marriage of your dreams.

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