Your sweet spot (you have one)

sweet spotLiving in our sweet spot—the zone where our uniqueness and history merge together to make a difference for God in our world—is the goal for this summer’s reading program at Grace Church.

This is our sixth summer reading program at Grace, and this year we’re using Max Lucado’s The Cure for the Common Life. We’ll read one chapter together each week, and I’ll post weekly follow-up thoughts and observations here. If you don’t have a copy, you can pick one up in our weekend services or online here.

In this opening chapter, Lucado makes the case that you—with your unique gifts, talents, and abilities—are like a rare and brilliant, one-of-a-kind work of art, designed to fulfill a specific purpose in this life.

That purpose is to “make a big deal of God every day of your life,” and you can do it even if you don’t love your job or if you feel trapped or stifled in your current circumstances.

This book isn’t about finding the dream job (although that might happen as a result)—it’s about becoming the dream you.

It’s about identifying the hole in the puzzle that your uniqueness was built to fill, and then watching your life transform as you move more fully into it.

The “cure for the common life” is our sweet spot. Let’s go on a quest together to discover it this summer!

Know you are loved!

Grace Church summer reading program, The Cure for the Common Life, Chapter One: “Your sweet spot (you have one).”

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