How much we’ve covered

view from the mountaintopDo you ever look up from your busy life long enough to evaluate how far God has brought you? Do you ever take time to remember all of the things you’ve learned and experienced along the way?

It can be a wonderful exercise to do so, and you’ll likely be shocked at how much progress you’ve actually been making every day.

Grace is an amazing congregation, and I thought I would use this post to specifically share some of the things that we’ve studied and accomplished together in recent years.

On the Bible study side, we’ve done teaching series together in our Sunday morning services on:

  • The books of Nehemiah, Ruth, Jonah, James, and Ephesians…Relational Kung-Fu (the Sermon on the Mount)…The 21st century Christian…The One…Margin…Worship 24/7…Me and my big mouth…Heaven…Pneumatikos—living the Spirit-filled life…Spiritual warfare…Living in the last days…Dangerous intersections (a study of the life of King David)…Tehillah—the power of praise and worship…For God so loved the world…Unshakable…The persecuted church…America: founded on faith…and much, much more!

At our Bridge services we’ve studied topics like: Curing emotional mayhem…Bridging the gap—Christianity and other world religions…Sex and sexuality…Why suffering?…Signs: is God really there?…and the book of Ecclesiastes–the pursuits of life.

And on the ministry side, here are just a few of the things we’ve worked on together:

  • 10 outreach productions…5 summer reading programs…5 years of child sponsorships through World Vision…The Bridge…Salt & Light…Funding the digging of 2 wells in the Congo…Nights of worship…Numerous camps, seminars, and retreats for men, women, and students…AWANA…Hosting La Verne’s expression of The National Day of Prayer…Dozens of small group gatherings, child dedications, weddings, and baptisms…and much, much more!

I am SO grateful for all that we’ve done together at Grace Church—and I know that our best days are yet to come!

Know you are loved!


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