Your easiest hour-long prayer time ever!!

Dave-and-GoliathHi everyone…I was praying for Grace Church in a particular way this morning and I wanted to pass my experience along to you as a potential prayer aid.

Some people have no trouble at all praying in concentrated time blocks, such as an hour at a time, but others  find it more challenging. If you’re in the latter category, I have a suggestion. This morning I slowly, thoughtfully, and methodically prayed through Psalm 23, re-stating and applying each statement in prayer to God for the people at Grace.

It was such an easy prayer time, the text covered nearly every imaginable scenario in their lives, and the time flew by. I realize that our goal isn’t to have our prayer times fly by quickly so we can move on with our day; however, it’s really awesome to have such a great experience in prayer that it’s over before you know it.

So try it…pray through Psalm 23 and see where it takes you!

Know you are loved!

Chris Jackson

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