4 thoughts on “2-Minute Message: Spiritual Warfare is Real

  1. Thank you for another insightful message Chris. Are you sure you aren’t doing these just for me?…lol.
    Robyn and I have shared these thoughts together so often, not only in what we see daily around us, but we, at a deep personal level, have felt under attack from the satan and / or his minions. Not the kind of thing that one shares readily….and I certainly don’t want you thinking the we’ve gone off the deep end….just that you’ve confirmed or at least added validatity to our suspicions.

    Robyn is destined for a greater good, my task is to get her there, and the road to that end is unpaved with bigger and bigger potholes trying to stop our mission. Don’t know where it’s all going but it’s an awesome and often scary ride.

    I’m babbling now so better stop.
    I love you, I thank you, and I am honored and blessed having you in my life. You make the world a better place Chris.

  2. Very good and insightful. Praise is a great weapon against the devil and his demons….or even if one just has a ‘down’ mood. Speaking the word of God is also so important….sort of like Jesus did when He was being tempted by satan. I sometimes struggle with fear and speak out loud (when I’m alone) that “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind!”. All glory, honor and praise be to our God!

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