Dread Champions

wolverineDread Champions.

Every action movie has one. Whether it’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, Troy, or The Wolverine there is always a hulking warrior that stands head-and-shoulders above his peers, threatening to crush the hero into oblivion. These champions are seemingly invincible as they shock their opponents into fear and send grown warriors running.

They’re all around us today.

These giants take the forms of global violence, shaky economies, political unrest, and fear of the future. They flood our souls with anxiety, rendering us weak and vulnerable. If we’re not careful these champions will overwhelm us and ruin our faith.

That’s what Goliath from the Bible did. Do you remember him? He was a nine-foot Philistine giant that stripped the Israeli army of its collective strength and bravery—at least until David came along and killed him.

The famous “David and Goliath” Sunday school story reminds us of a desperately needed truth: God, not Goliath, is the one who wins the day. God is the dread champion of those who trust in Him. In Jeremiah 20:11 the Bible states it explicitly: “The Lord is with me like a dread champion.”

If you need a champion today, you’re in luck. If towering giants are mocking your faith and obscuring your future, there is hope.  There is a dread champion who cares for the broken, strengthens the weary, and promises to right every wrong in our world. His name is Jesus and His words from John 16:33 still ring true: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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