Praying for the 5.0

This week in a police ride along I observed the most inspiring blend of professional excellence and spiritual power.police car

Officer Mike Scranton, a friend from Grace Church, and I were talking in his patrol car when a kidnapping call sounded, and for the next two hours I observed first-rate police work combined with a prayerful appeal for divine intervention. By the time I left to go home, the police’s leads were coming up dry and they were feeling the increasing pressure of the ominous passage of time.

When I woke up the next morning, a text  message awaited me, informing me that the kidnapped victim had been recovered. The text from the officer ended with the words, “God answered my prayers. She is safe with no injuries.”

This experience marked me in several ways. It reminded me that we should pray daily for our law enforcement officers and their families, asking God to protect them as they protect us. It inspired me to know that there are praying police, patrolling our neighborhoods. And it challenged and inspired me to pray for both the suppression of evil in our communities, and the resolution of currently unsolved crimes.

This week’s kidnapping ended well; however, others are still in process. Let’s routinely assault heaven with prayers for the establishment of God’s righteous kingdom and the overthrow of every alternate kingdom

As a child of a police officer, I have always had a profound love and respect for law enforcement, and this week’s ridealong has most definitely fueled that sentiment.  May God abundantly bless the 5.0!

3 thoughts on “Praying for the 5.0

  1. Yes. Amen.

    One of my brothers is a deputy and my eldest wants to be in the RCMP. I have been “loosely covered” by myriads of police while bringing an apprehended child into my home and blessed by the presence of trustworthy officers in many places throughout my life.

    My chest gets tight when I think about those I love who serve and protect, but also know that He has His Hand around us – and trusting is the only way to relieve the anxiety that I imagine too often.

    So glad to know the daughter was reunited, unharmed physically.

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