Let’s dig a well!

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Let’s fund the digging of a well!

This week’s chapter in The Hole in Our Gospel identified malnutrition, lack of clean water, and disease as the leading dynamics that proliferate the devastating plight of poverty in our world.

If you’re still reading this book and you’re like me, you’re ready to do something about what we’ve been reading. It’s great to have our hearts stirred, but eventually the stirring must be acted upon.

When we started reading this book together, I knew that different people would approach me with ideas of what our congregation could do to help. Last week, Mike Huff shared with me his personal goal to fund the digging of a viable well in a water-impoverished region of the world. I asked him if Grace could adopt his goal and make it a reality in the next few months.

According to World Vision, the creation of a well costs around $15,000.00, an easy amount of money for a church like ours to raise. In the next few weeks, I’ll be presenting a financial strategy for how we can generate this revenue and begin the process of providing water where it’s needed most.

As Mr. Stearns said in this chapter, “If you take away water and sanitation, you take away my health and that of my children. If you take away my health, you have taken away my energy and my industry. If you take away my energy and ability to support my family, you have taken away my dignity; and if you take away my dignity, you have taken away my hope. In Africa they don’t say that water is important to their lives; they say that water is life…and the best news is that we have the knowledge and the technology to provide it.”[1]

Let’s be that source of provision!

The Hole in our Gospel Reading Program—Week Fourteen. Chapter Twelve: The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

[1] Richard Stearns, The Hole in our Gospel (Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN: 2009), 139-140.

6 thoughts on “Let’s dig a well!

  1. For about 3 years I have longed to do this exact thing!!! I have been praying about what to do to raise money for it myself. I have cried tears of joy over the idea of knowing I helped to do it and tears of sadness because I didn’t know how to do it on my own. If you need any active participation other than putting money in the pouch, please let me know how I can help. – Beverly

  2. I belong to the 700 Club and donate every month. Through their Operation Blessing they have dug many wells as well as many other kinds of help. This way I am helping to dig wells, give operations on cleft palates, help out victims in this country where there has been tornados etc. Their program is on several TV stations.

  3. I am very excited to help with this effort, and I know many others who will be too! Please post the information on how we can give on the website so I can share it with others who might like to help as well!

  4. We’re going to kickoff the well fundraising on August 25th when Marilee Pierce-Dunker (the daughter of the founder of World Vision) speaks in both of our Sunday morning services. Details to follow… 🙂

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