Your new favorite author


For this week’s The Hole in our Gospel posting Jessica and I want to introduce you to someone who will quite possibly become one of your new favorite writers. Ann Voskamp, popular blogger and New York Times Bestselling author, recently blogged and posted photos about her recent visit to Africa and her posting perfectly aligns with the sentiment of this week’s reading.

I know we’re all busy and we don’t always have time to read every attachment or forward that gets sent to us, but if you’re participating in Grace’s summer reading program with me, please take the time to follow this link--you will be stirred and inspired.

3 thoughts on “Your new favorite author

  1. Ann Voskamp kept me sane and seeking God when I was on bedrest in dire pain (even in hospital) for six months. I love her blog. I’ve bought 15 copies of her book. I highly recommend her. But the first chapter of her book is needing serious large handkerchiefs.

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