The Hole in our Gospel Reading Program–Week Five

Chapter Three: You Lack One ThingThe_Hole_In_Our_Gospel

Up to this point in our book, author Richard Stearns has driven home the message that, “We need to be where God wants us to be.”[1] I’ve echoed that sentiment as well, urging each of us to pray that God would “use us where we’re needed most.”

However, having sufficiently underscored the importance of that mentality, I now want to tweak something that Mr. Stearns conveyed.

In relaying the remarkable story of his selection as World Vision’s newest president, Mr. Stearns routinely used his former business position and church participation as the dramatic foil for the World Vision gig. He compared his church attendance, ministry involvement, financial support, and active witness at work with the rich young ruler from Matthew 19 who ultimately failed to leave everything behind to follow Jesus.

I just want to remind you that Richard’s story is his story. God may indeed use Richard’s story to inspire you to step out in faith to serve God in some new and remarkable ways. However, it is also possible that you are already exactly where the Lord wants you. Your church attendance, ministry involvement, financial support, and active witness at work might be exactly what the Lord is calling you to continue doing in this season of your life.

Although Richard’s story is deeply challenging and inspiring, I don’t want it to sow any doubt in you regarding yours. God will clearly tell us where He wants us to be. If you and I are actively praying to be used by God where He needs us most, He’ll make sure we get there. If it’s Africa it will be clear. If it’s La Verne or Pomona or our own living room it will be equally clear. The point is not to give everything away and move to Africa. It is to obey God fully in every season of our life.

[1] Richard Stearns, The Hole in our Gospel (Thomas Nelson, Nashville, TN: 2009): 49.

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