Happy Anniversary!

This Sunday, Cinco de Mayo/May 5th, is my wedding anniversary, marking eighteen years of married life with Jessica.sc00806408

The Proverb writer concluded his book of wisdom in Proverbs 31 by listing all of the things that the “wife of noble character” did well. I thought I would take a second to list some of the things that Jessica doesn’t do well.

  • She doesn’t gossip
  • She doesn’t give up on people
  • She doesn’t stay content with comfortable, status-quo Christianity
  • She doesn’t do stuffy religiosity very well
  • She’s not the best at staying serious all of the time
  • She doesn’t warm up to endless talk without action
  • She doesn’t get uptight over petty issues
  • She’s not very good at carrying offenses toward people
  • She’s terrible at watching injustice without wanting to intervene
  • And finally, her judgment isn’t necessarily as sharp as it could be…she had her pick of eligible suitors and somehow she ended up with me

Happy anniversary, Jessie! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary you guys! It’s been a blessing and honor to be a part of your lives! Hope the next 18 years are even better!

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!! May you be blessed and enjoy many more years together. In His Love, Lyn Cunningham


  3. Congratulations Chris, well done Jessie! Wonderful story; is God awesome, or what?
    Love, from a couple who know the road, David & Annie

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