The Hole in our Gospel Reading Program–Week 1


Welcome to our 2013 Grace Church reading program! I anticipate a wonderful, life-enriching experience as we read The Hole in our Gospel together and earnestly invite God to impact us with His heart for hurting people around the world. Each week I will post a few succinct thoughts or questions from the selected reading for us to ponder. If we tackle one chapter each week we should finish by the end of the summer.

This week we read the Introduction and Prologue and I’m sure, like me, you were impacted by the opening question, “What does God expect of us?” It’s an oxymoron for a Christian to live his or her life without pausing to answer that question. In Luke 6:46 Jesus said, “Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” If Jesus is truly the Lord of our lives, then we will apply our greatest efforts toward identifying and living His will for our lives. His will for us might not specifically align with the types of situations presented in The Hole in our Gospel but it will most definitely include using our best gifts and resources to serve the world around us.

As we begin this journey together, it would be appropriate for us to pray this simple prayer: Lord, let my heart align with your will. Help me to see what you see and love what you love. I am open and desirous to receive your divine mandate for the remaining portion of my life.

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