The Golden Globes

Signs for the Golden Globe Awards.

Did you hear Daniel Day-Lewis’ acceptance speech for his “best actor” Golden Globe win last Sunday night? I didn’t. Unfortunately, I watched all of the hype and build up and then crashed on the couch right before they announced the final winners. I have a good idea of how it went though. I’ve seen plenty of award shows over the years and I’ve enjoyed watching my favorite celebrities. I’ve appreciated their work, I’ve gone to their movies, and I’ve imagined what it must be like to be as rich and famous as they are.

I’ve also had to remind myself that while the world values celebrities the Word values servants.

There are certain roles and vocations that will never receive much acclaim in this life, but they are exceedingly important in God’s overall purpose for the world. The Bible makes it clear that no act of service done in Jesus’ name will be overlooked or forgotten (Matthew 10:42). God has His eye on those faithful servants who perform their everyday duties as acts of worship to Him.

I’m not downplaying the influence or significance of celebrities. Certainly a celebrity can serve God too, and I think we should pray for them as they face extreme levels of criticism and have their every move published on the cover of gossip magazines. However we should also be careful to not allow our culture’s infatuation with the rich and famous make us discontent.

Whether our life path takes us to the limelight or the unseen background, we have an opportunity to serve an audience that is so much greater than the Hollywood Foreign Press. We have an opportunity to serve before an audience of One.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord…” (Colossians 3:23)

One thought on “The Golden Globes

  1. The Bible says somewhere (sorry, don’t remember where) and this is a paraphrase: Jesus said, “If you give someone a drink of water, it is as if you have done it to Me.”

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