Your Batman utility belt

“All right, Mr. Wayne, let’s go down your check list…grapple gun?”


Batman's utility belt

“Communication device?”








“Bat-mobile and Kevlar bat suit?”


“Vision to save Gotham City?”


“And how about a friend to prop you up when the weight of the world gets too much?”

“Thanks to you, Alfred, that too is a check.”

So what about YOU? As you begin a New Year do you have the necessary items for your optimum spiritual growth and development?

  • Do you have a small group of Sherpas (friends and colleagues who will climb life’s mountains with you)?
  • Do you have your spot picked out where you will wait on God daily?
  • Do you have your Bible, journal, and devotional book? (Note: My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers is one of the best devotionals I’ve found)
  • Do you have a vision for how you will personally grow while blessing the world around you?
  • Have you donned your spiritual armor and are you actively covering your loved ones in prayer?
  • Have you tied up any lingering loose ends from 2012?
  • Are you ready to mark 2013 as a year of victory and new beginnings?

If so then I think you’re set. Say hello to the Caped Crusader for me (sorry had to say it).

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