Waiting to exhale

English: Swift Form of a Runner about to Begin...

“Runners, take your mark…get set…”

Now hold it right there.

Did you notice the peculiar rituals that the Olympic sprinters went through at the beginning of their races in our recent Olympic games? They not only performed weird, probably superstitious, stretching routines, but they also took forever before they stopped fidgeting and fussing in the starting blocks.

That’s a common thing for sprinters.

They take their time getting settled because they know that once they’re set they aren’t allowed to move again until the gun signals the start of their race.

A “set” position is really tough to hold.

In a recent prayer time I was considering some of the ponderous burdens I’ve been carrying, and I sensed the most wonderful whisper in my soul: “You’re still waiting to exhale…but I already have.”

I knew exactly what the Lord meant when He dropped that phrase in to my heart because I’ve been like a sprinter in the starting blocks who has stayed in the “set” position for too long. My arms have been shaking, my stress levels have spiked, and I haven’t even realized how long I’ve been holding my breath.

“You’re still waiting to exhale…but I already have.”

What a great reminder that God is not nearly as troubled by the things that trouble you and me. He’s already exhaled. He’s already breathed His Spirit in to the areas that trouble us most. Let’s pause right now to exhale anxiety and inhale the Spirit of God.

“And with that He breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy spirit.’” (John 20:22)

One thought on “Waiting to exhale

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