Summer Reading Program–Week Four

Grace Church Summer Reading Program: Lord, Make My Life a Miracle by Ray and Anne Ortlund. Chapter Four: “Worship in public”

One of my favorite places in the world to be is a high quality worship service. I love gatherings where the worship team is able to draw me almost irresistibly in to God’s presence. I love it when the music and the singing touch my soul, stir my emotions, and inspire me to love God more. I love it when the band and the singers are able to articulate the notes and tones that I am unable to produce on my own. Sometimes I stand there in those holy moments and feel like my entire being is worshipping God.

But what about those other moments?

What about those gatherings where the band is a little flat, or the songs are difficult to sing, or there doesn’t seem to be any energy in the room? What then? Do I still offer God the best worship I can, or do I check out and contribute to the “off” morning?

I recently spoke with a gentleman that was having a difficult time connecting with God’s presence in a recent string of corporate worship services, and I was deeply touched and inspired by the way he handled his dilemma. Instead of growing disillusioned or frustrated, he began waking up earlier on Sunday morning to take some additional time to prepare his heart, and to engage in personal worship.

He recognized that he had a role to play in public worship, and he was determined to play it regardless of what the worship team or anyone else did. He demonstrated the heart of a worshipper.

This summer let’s partner together to increase the strength and quality of our public worship experiences at Grace Church. The worship team and I will continue to grow and do better in setting the right atmosphere, and then let’s all come to our services ready to give the Lord the kind of worship that He desires

Jesus said in John 4:23 that the Father “seeks” worshippers who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Let’s worship in a way that brings His search to an end in the 210-corridor.

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