Summer Reading Program–Week Three

Grace Church Summer Reading Program: Lord, Make My Life a Miracle by Ray and Anne Ortlund. Chapter Three: “Worship in private”

Have you ever really worshipped?

Have you ever experienced the presence of God in such a way that it stirred the deepest core of who you are, and compelled you to either dance, bow, weep, or fall prostrate in awe? Have you ever worshipped in the way that you were created to?

You were born to worship.

You were born to worship God through your lifestyle, your decisions, the inner posture of your heart, and also in the outward expressions of worship.

In the third chapter of Lord, Make My Life a Miracle, Pastor Ray and Anne Ortlund appeal to us to begin intentionally experiencing the strengths and wonders of a private worship experience.

Although ideally we will worship the Lord simply because He deserves our worship, there are also some incredible benefits that accompany our worship.

  • Worship provides therapy for our weary emotions
  • Worship lifts us out of our present moment and expands our perspective
  • Worship positions us properly before a Holy God
  • Worship connects us to God’s matchless strength

The Bible tells us that God “inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3), so every time we worship the Lord we extend an invitation for His presence—the reality of His nearness—to touch our lives.

Let’s set a goal this summer of truly becoming worshippers. Let’s worship internally through our obedience and submission to God’s will. Let’s worship externally by practicing the things the Bible encourages us to do. Let’s get alone at times, crank up some worship music and dance. Let’s lift our hands before Him in both victory and surrender. And then let’s clap them together powerfully as we declare how huge and awesome He is. Let’s kneel—and let our entire life bow before Him.

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