On-site dreamers

“Behold, the dreamer!” That’s what Joseph’s brothers said about him when he approached them from afar, and I hope it’s what they would say about you and me.

Rock Climbers on High Neb, Stanage Edge
Rock Climbers on High Neb, Stanage Edge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whether they’re dreaming of civil rights, women’s suffrage, revival for a generation, cures for ailments, or healing for interpersonal relationships, dreamers are God’s change agents in the world. Indeed, nothing significant happens until someone starts to dream.

Rev. H.B. London Jr. says, “What God wants every church to become must start as a compelling dream for an on-site dreamer.” His sentiment certainly extends beyond a congregation and applies to each of us in our personal lives too—we must be God’s on-site dreamers for ourselves, our loved ones, and for our communities.

What could God do with a roomful of dreamers? What could He accomplish with a group of people who carried His dreams of possibility and then married them with hard work, passion, and determination? Let’s be those people. Let’s rekindle the God-given dream inside us; let’s dream past our pain, our setbacks, the enemy’s lies, and our own perceived shortcomings. He placed us where we are so we could be the catalysts for His agenda, so let’s start dreaming it, and let’s never forget what the angel Gabriel said to Mary, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

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