Playing in the dark

Español: Fuente de la Plaza Alta en la localid...
Español: Fuente de la Plaza Alta en la localidad andaluza de Algeciras (España) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good news! Amber, Maddie, and I have just cleared world 7 and are about to tackle the final world in our Super Mario Bros. Wii game. Our attitudes are better, we’re not fighting as much when we play, and now the only thing that drives me nuts is when we have to face the unlit levels. Every now and then Mario, Luigi, and Lemon-head have to walk in the dark.

I hate those levels.

We can only see a few steps in front of us and we never know when a snapping plant will bite us, or a floating fireball with char us. The only thing worse than playing the darkened levels in Super Mario Bros. is living through the darkened seasons of life.

When I was a kid it was fun to play in the dark—my friends and I used to play at night with a glow-in-the-dark Nerf football—but now that I’m a grown man trying to navigate my way through life I’m finding that a little light is helpful.

Psalm 89:15 says, “Blessed are those who have learned…to walk in the light of your presence.” Have you learned to do that?

People who have paid the price to spend time with the Lord and cultivate a tangible sense of His presence have discovered the secret to navigating the darkened seasons of life—God’s presence lights their path. They might still be surrounded by shadows, but they know where to place each foot because His light internally guides them.

He wants to guide you and me too. His light is available. The question is will we step in to it and then linger there for the rest of our lives?

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