A blank page

You should see her. Her blue eyes twinkle, her lips part in a mischievous smile, and she turns her body slightly so I can’t quite see what she’s drawing. She’s cleared the table and given herself plenty of room to spread out her crayons, markers, and pencil sharpener. I asked her what she was going to draw and her only response was a knowing smirk—I’m not even sure she’s decided yet. She’s just glorying in all of the potential of a clean, unspoiled, blank page.

The sixteen Crayola "glitter" specia...
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Madelyn’s paper is a lot like a New Year—a chance to start over and allow God to begin writing out His goals and aspirations for our lives. I wonder what He will do with us this year? I wonder who we’ll meet? I wonder if this will be the year that some of our dreams come true? Maybe some of our deepest prayers have been post-marked for 2012! We can’t control what God will write on the pages of this New Year—but we can decide on several things:

  • We can decide to give Him the pen
  • We can commit to follow whatever marching orders He writes out for us
  • And we can choose to look away from the wrinkly, smudged pages of last year and start hoping and believing for His good plans to be accomplished in 2012!

God bless you seek God’s plan and purpose for you during this holiday season and beyond!

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