In the dot or for the dot?

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...
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In the grand scheme of eternity our lives on planet earth are a mere dot. They look something like this:

The reality, however, is that this dot is not all that there is to our lives.

A more accurate picture might look something like this:

•—————————— (eternity)

King David said, “Surely every man is a mere breath. Selah.” (Psalm 39:4) As you probably know, the “Selah” at the end of certain sections of the psalms is an encouragement for the reader to slow down, pause, and think about what has just been communicated.

David was saying: “Man is a mere breath. Now pause and think about that for a while.”

He could have also said it this way. “Since your few decades in this natural life are a mere dot on the blip of eternity, make sure you spend them living for something bigger than the dot.”

Far too many people live for the dot, when what we should really be doing is living in the dot while we pursue the things that will last forever.

We should love and enjoy our home on earth. We should pray for all of the cultures and nations of our world, and we should do our part to beautify and preserve our planet; however, we can’t forget that we were created for something beyond this world. Let’s live in the dot not exclusively for the dot.

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