Summer Reading Program Week Six

The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro: Week Six: Chapter 6: “Five things for life”

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying the late days of July. My dad wrote a poem once to my mom wherein he said, “If time were our possession, we would set it very still, and sit forever watching the sun rise on the hill.” I wish I could “set time still” right now because summer is flying by too fast for me. Hopefully you’re finding ways to enjoy it. 🙂

In this chapter Pastor Wayne started giving practical advice on how to develop the life-long discipline of spending time in God’s Word. In the opening words of this chapter he said, “There’s a far greater frequency that most people never receive. It doesn’t contain the latest music trend, nor does it deliver the most popular sitcom. Instead, it’s filled with eternal direction and indispensable wisdom.” He then quoted Isaiah 30:21, “Your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left.”

We tune in to this frequency—this voice of wisdom—by developing the habit of loving and living in God’s Word.

Hopefully by this time you’ve assembled the “five essentials” that he discussed:

  1. Bible—secure a translation that you understand, and that has a look and feel that you love.
  2. Pen—the very act of bringing a pen to our Bible reading times is a statement that we’re expecting God to speak to us. Get a pen that you love—I only use the “pilot G-2 07”—and never read or pray without it.
  3. Journal—remember this form of journaling is different from keeping a “diary.” This journal is devoted to recording the whispers and insights from heaven.
  4. Bible-reading plan—even those of us who faithfully read the Bible can benefit from a plan that systematically takes us through the entire Bible. Without such a plan I end up drifting toward my favorite passages while neglecting others.
  5. Daily planner—if becoming men and women of the Word is important to us, we should intentionally build devotional time in to our daily routines. Plus, by having a nearby planner we can forward random thoughts and tasks to our to do lists without losing our concentration from our study.

I know for many of you this material is review, but it is profoundly important review. I hope we ALL are growing in our love and commitment to the Word of God.

You are loved!

Chris Jackson

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