Is it okay for Christians to take medication for emotional and mental illnesses?

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For many Christians the question is not a no-brainer.

The subject of mental illness (depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc.) can be a tough one for those of us who have great confidence in the power of prayer and the Word of God. And if we truly believe Jesus’ words that say He came to give us life “more abundantly,” and if we agree with the Apostle Paul that we should “always rejoice” and “be anxious for nothing” then this question can become quite challenging for us, and we can wonder:

  • If I take medication, does that mean I don’t have enough faith?
  • If the spiritual disciplines aren’t working for me, does that mean God has abandoned me?
  • If I can’t seem to find inner peace and contentment, does that mean I’m a second-rate Christian?

And the answer is a resounding “No!”

You aren’t a second-rate Christian when you see a physician for a physical illness, and you aren’t a second-rate Christian when you see a therapist or a psychiatric for emotional or mental help either.

Remember, ours is a both/and religion.

We should obey all of the spiritual things the Bible prescribes for our health and wellness, while also taking advantage of the natural laws and wisdom that He’s placed around us as well.

God is the author of both.

Sometimes we compartmentalize too much, and we can think that the miracle of medicine, or supportive, caring friendship is less miraculous than a divine touch from heaven—sometimes the divine touch is found inside the natural touch.

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