The ultimate compliment

Ecclesiastes, (קֹהֶלֶת, Kohelet, "son of ...
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The ultimate compliment is the compliment we most want to hear delivered by the person from whom we most want to hear it. I know that is terribly obvious, but think about it with me for a second. Twenty compliments directed at areas of our lives where we are indifferent make little impact on our soul, while one intentional affirmation aimed at our deepest desire can make us soar for a lifetime. I recently found “the ultimate compliment” that I want to give my life to pursuing. I’ll have to steal it though because it’s already been given to someone else.

King Hiram gave it to King Solomon in 2 Chronicles 2:11 when he said, “Because the Lord loves His people, he has made you king over them.”  Is that not the ultimate compliment? “Because I love THEM, I’m giving them YOU. YOU are the manifestation of my love for THEM.”

I want that compliment! I want my family and loved ones to see me as God’s “I love you.” Regardless of whatever else happens in their lives, I want them to be able to point to our relationship and say, “that’s one of the ways I’ve always know that God loves me.”

Let’s live, and then become, the ultimate compliment.

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