Easter dresses

Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene
Image via Wikipedia

I couldn’t be more melted.

I’m glad they don’t know how I’m feeling because, if they did, they could easily take advantage of me right now. I probably couldn’t tell them “no” to save my life. They’re wearing their Easter dresses, getting ready for the special morning where we’ll celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and there’s something about watching them curl their hair and paint their toes that is speaking to me on a deeper level than simply my natural love for my daughters–it’s stirring my soul on a “destiny” level

It’s speaking to me of Easter.

Captured in their freshness and beauty is the essence of Easter Sunday. Easter is about the death of death, and the resurrection of hope. It’s about clean slates, and new beginnings, and parties being planned in heaven. It’s about the stain of our past finally being purged, and Jesus emerging from a borrowed grave to drop kick the devil. It’s about the beginning of the end for sin, sorrow, suffering, and disease. And it’s about the holiness of a pretty Easter dress draped around innocence and trust.

Think new this Easter! Think big! Jesus loves you personally and has reserved an eternal place for you beside Him in heaven.

I pray that this Easter would be everything for you that God intends it to be.

Know you are loved!

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