Go to the well, baby!

Evander Holyfield vs. Lou Savarese, El Paso Te...
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In 1996 Evander Holyfield won a technical knockout over the wildly favored Mike Tyson and went on to secure his place among boxing legends. As a die-hard Holyfield fan I’ve watched replays of that fight many times, and each time I’ve seen it I’ve been intrigued by a late-round interaction between Evander and his trainer Don Turner.

Deep in to the fight the cameras angled in on the Holyfield corner, and caught Turner’s mid-round counsel. Instead of giving Evander an emotional, advice-laden pep talk Turner simply and quietly said, “Go to the well, baby. Go to the well.” That was it. There was no, “You can do it, Evander! He’s all yours!” Or “Watch out for his left hook–he’s still dangerous!” There was simply a challenge to dig deep and tap in to his inner strength reserves. “Go to the well, baby. Go to the well.” 

And he did, so dominating the eleventh round that the referee had to stop the fight and rush to Tyson’s aid. 

I’ve always been intrigued by Don’s comment to Evander, and I’ve always wondered how the fight would have turned out if Evander had gone to the well and found that it was dry.

How about YOU? What’s in YOUR well? How deep are YOUR water reserves? How freely does the Spirit of God flow in YOUR life?

Digging wells is hard, sweaty, blister-forming work, but it’s also life-saving work, and God wants to help you and me dig deep in to the bedrock of His word and tap in to the ever-flowing source of His endless supply.

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