The insomniac

In 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Paul urges us to pray for “kings and all who are in authority” so they can lead tranquil lives of godliness and dignity. It’s a wonderful, responsible reminder of how we should dutifully honor and pray for our leaders. However, he forgot to remind us that we should also pray that God would give them the occasional dose of insomnia.

Do you remember when He did that to King Xerxes of the Persian Empire in about 490 B.C.? Esther 6:1 tells us that “during the night the King could not sleep.” He must not have had any Ambien or Tylenol p.m. because, out of boredom, he began reading the chronicles of his kingdom, and he learned about a Jew named Mordecai who, earlier, had saved his life. Upon learning of this event, King Xerxes commanded that Mordecai be honored for his service, and in doing so, he inadvertently saved the entire Jewish population from annihilation. 

As we prayerfully approach next week’s upcoming elections, let’s not only exercise our right to vote, but let’s be praying that God would get the attention of our current and incoming leaders–even if He has to give them insomnia to do it.

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