Playing your note

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“When I teach, I feel like me.” 

Do you remember that quote from the Hillary Swank movie, Freedom Writers? In a dramatic scene wherein Swank’s character is attempting to explain to her frustrated husband why she has such an exceptional commitment to her troubled students, she blurts out passionately: “When I teach, I feel like me.” It’s a great scene, and it resonates well with us because we, too, have been created with a purpose. There is a note–an innate chord–inside us that we were meant to play, and when we play it, our life makes more sense and becomes more finely tuned. When we play it, we feel like us, and we touch a strength and joy that is hard to find anywhere else. 

Have you discovered your note? Have you discovered that chord that, when played, brings your life in to a greater harmony, and makes you feel like you are walking in step with your destiny? St. Irenaeus (a church leader from France in the 2nd century) said, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” When we play our note–regardless of how grandiose or how simple it may be–our hearts come alive, and we are better able to glorify God. 

You’ve probably been hearing your note for a long time, it’s probably echoed through your soul from your earliest memories. Play it! It’s the best way you will glorify God, and bless the world around you.

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