The beauty of rock bottom

Alone at the Raging Waterfall of Gulfoss
Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr
Rock bottom is that phrase we use to describe a desperate place where people’s lives have either fallen apart or where they’ve run out of all options, and although I don’t want to be there (none of us do), I’ve been thinking about it recently and wondering if God views the low spots of our lives differently than we do. For many people, rock bottom becomes the place where they finally encounter God and surrender the reins of their lives to Him. For others it’s the place where they stop falling and begin to rise back up. For all of us the rock bottoms of our lives (and I’m sure each one of us has experienced them) can either be a LOW place or a DEEP place. Psalm 42:7 says, “Deep calls to deep at the sound of your waterfalls.” I wonder if the psalmist’s “deep” was actually a very low “rock bottom” in which He met the Lord. I sure don’t want to waste the painful, low times in my life—I want my “low” places to become “deep” places where the wisdom and grace of God pervades my soul. Let’s commit to making sure that happens! Let’s decide that our low spots will become deep spots, and that our rock bottoms will be the beginning of our elevator rides back up!

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