God and roller coasters

Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain
Image via Wikipedia

Disneyland had a big day a couple of weeks ago. Madelyn (my breath-taking, little, eight-year-old daughter) graduated from the Toontown roller coaster to the Big Thunder Mountain. Our family wasn’t sure this day would ever come (she was so nervous about trying anything bigger that we thought for sure her sixteenth birthday party would have to be held in Toontown), but she surprised us when she said, “I think I’m ready.” And was she ever. As soon as the ride ended, she begged us to do it again. And after our third time on Big Thunder Mountain, she declared that she was ready for an even bigger challenge: Space Mountain. She loved it, rode it twice consecutively, and had her hands raised in the air the whole time. As we left the park (and I fought a mild case of roller coaster-induced nausea) I wondered if I needed to follow Maddie’s lead in any area in my own life. I wondered if I’m courageously obeying everything that God is calling me to, or if I’m scared that I’m not quite ready yet. The Bible makes it clear that when giants fall they start a domino effect that weakens other giants as well. When David killed Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 it opened the door for his warriors to kill Goliath’s four brothers in 2 Samuel 21. Victory begets victory.

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